How to Earn Extra Money During Recession?

Economic recession is part of the country in the world, so many people who feel the difficulties in financial. Saungweb find a good articel about this and try to post in here and the title is articel : How to Earn Extra Money During Recession ? .

Money is enough for many people, especially during the recession. You may need to look outside your regular workplace to find more opportunities to earn extra money

so that you can outlast the recession without financial difficulties. Here are a few ways to earn extra income:

1. Generate money by blogging

Nowadays, most people who know how to surf internet do have a blog. Anyone can start a blog almost instantly using the ready-made blogging system such as Blogger.com, Wordpress, Drupal or Typepad. It is a platform for people to share almost anything on the internet. Besides blogging for fun, it is good channel to make money online. You can generate some extra money just by sharing something through blogging.

Before you start a blog to make money online, there some important considerations that you need to look into in order to create a successful blog that can make profit for you. If you are new to blogging, then it is better to get a good blueprint on how to blog for profit and avoid the common mistakes that may lead to failure.

2. Make your opinions paid

There are companies looking for consumers' opinions for their products or services. They are wiling to pay for anyone who can spend time to fill-up their survey form. Hence, you can make your opinions paid and earn extra money on top of your day job income. As many of the survey jobs are made online nowadays, you can easily find online survey jobs by searching through internet. You also can enroll into online survey portals where you need to register an account and fill-in your details. If there are companies looking for someone to participate into their survey activities and your profile meets their requirements, you will be invited to participate into the survey job and get paid for your opinions.

3. Set an eBay online store

You probably have bought things from eBay before, but do you know that you can make money from eBay as well. It is very easy to set up an online store at eBay; you just need to follow a few steps to get an online store up and selling your products. Of course, you need to have products to be sold at your eBay store, but you don't need to have your own products; instead, you can get products from dropshipping companies. The products from these dropshipping companies have the pre-set price; you only need to set a profit margin that you want to earn at your online store. Once you have processed the orders from your eBay store, you will only need to divert the orders to the dropshipping companies, they will make the delivery on your behalf.

4. Money-making opportunities from Forex exchange & stock trading

Investing is a way to make extra income during recession. There are many money-making opportunities that you can grab through investing, such as Forex exchange and stock trading. However, you need to take into consideration the potential risks that you may encounter in these volatile markets. Don't play with contra, especially in today's highly unstable stock market, where the shares may rise and fall at any time; instead you should choose on what to invest based on your risk profile and the budget you plan to allocate for.


There are many ways to earn extra income which can help you to outlast recession without the need to face financial difficulties. The above money-making methods are a few examples that you can use to make extra money during the recession.

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