How To Sign Up For Paypal

tangan dolar In the first post, I have been informed on how to register your account in Alertpay, now I will try to inform about How to Sign Up For Paypal. This second type of account as the online payment said most used by the internet business or online business in the world, of course, because the safe and reliable, and free to register

Before the start register, prepare the data to make your Paypal account, such as Email, Name, Address, Phone, credit card number (Make sure name, address, phone that you will be content to register with the data on your credit card).

  1. Click here www.paypal.com
  2. Click on Sign up Now! to register
  3. Choose your country, language and what type of paypal account you would like to create. You can choose from Personal, Premier or Business. Fill out all of the information needed to create your account. Make sure that all of the information is accurate in case anything goes wrong with your money.
    Then Choose your country, language and what type of paypal account you would like to create, personal account, premier, or business account, then press Continue.
    Enter your information such as Name, Address, Phone, Email (Please make sure Name, Address, Phone of your content for registration together with your credit card)
    Email your entries will be the username for your Paypal login or make use Paypal,
    Fill in your password with a combination of letters and numbers so that the password more secure, at least 8 characters
    Password Recovery on select 2 questions and answers to personal password to get back at any time if you forgot your password
    Read more User Agreement and Privacy Policy, if necessary, and check Yes, and type in the security code
  4. Check again and make sure Name, Address, Phone of your data in accordance with the contents of your credit card, if it is sure and press Sign Up. The next instructed to enter your credit card number that will be used for the input of funds to your Paypal account, click the Add If you have Card. If you do not want to enter your credit card now click Cancel, you can enter your credit card number after the login page in My Account.
    You will receive a confirmation email that you register and to activate the Paypal account, open the email from Paypal, and click the confirmation link that is inside to confirm that you are the owner of this email.
  5. After that you will be taken back to the PayPal site and input your password again (you must enter your password each site to PayPal) and then click Confirm and click Continue, then you will go to the My Account page.
  6. If you enter your credit card data in the My Account page will have expanded reading option (option), read the instructions carefully, instruct you to press the button Get Number to be Verified member Paypal (the address you have truth in check by Paypal).
  • Option 1: To register to become Paypal Verified member, now press the Get Number to get the 4 digit security code from Paypal, which will then be sent a monthly statement of your credit card, your credit card will be charge $ 1.95 USD for this purpose. Destination Paypal to send the security code is to ensure that the address you provided is correct (not purely fictional address)
    If you already have 4-digit security code is a monthly statement from your credit card, login with your Paypal account, posted on My Account then click the Activate Account - Complete Enrollment Use expanded, after you enter a 4 digit security code is your paypal account will be Verified member and will be added $ 1.95 USD into your Paypal account automatically as a Verified member. After you click on the button Get Your Number will be taken to the My Account page ....
  • Option 2: If you do not want to become a Verified member now miss the expanded Version, click the Activate Account later posted on the My Account log in to register in order to become a Verified member you do not limit the funds are limited, once you pass the expanded Version you will be taken to My Account page ....

Congratulations you have a Paypal account!
You can use your Paypal or Alertpay account right now, for example, to participate in free business like this:

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2. 10 Bux.net

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4. Paid bux.info

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